Special awareness program for PAPs on infectious disease control

Special awareness program for PAPs on infectious disease control

The Post Resettlement Action Plan (PRAP) is the plan to cares the resettled communities even after ending the proper resettlement. The social arm of the MCUDP organized a special awareness program for resettled community of “Methsanda Sewana” condominium according to the PRAP of the project.

The Awareness program focused on prevention of drug and infectious diseases including dengue infection. Around 90 members from the both resettled community and host community participated in the program. The program was held in community hall of “Randiya Uyana” Condominium, Henamulla on 11th December, 2018.

The invited resource persons, Dr. Sasanka Jayasighe, Medical Officer of Health (MOH), Public Health Department on Colombo 01 and Mrs. F.R.I. Shali, Counselor, National Dangerous Drugs Control Board shared the knowledge with participants. The program was facilitated by several other invitees from the MOH office of Colombo 01.

Participants were fully aware of the infectious disease control so as to keep up their control measurement in day to day life within the resettled community. It was helpful for them to open up their eyes over another social evil of dangerous drug.

MCUDP resettled the 63 families in “Methsanda Sewana” condominium successfully in mid of 2018.