Monitoring Officials from Ministry of Finance Join for the Special Site Inspection

Monitoring Officials from Ministry of Finance Join for the Special Site Inspection

Officials from Department of External Resources (ERD) and Department of Project Management & Monitoring (DPMM) in Ministry of Finance, Sri Lanka participated in site visit to inspect the ongoing constructions in subprojects of MCUDP. Directors and assistant directors of project monitoring units of the ERD & DPMM, key staff members of the Project Management Unit (PMU) of MCUDP and representatives of project implementation agencies took part the visit. The visiting team was facilitated by the contractor’s field staff with all necessary information on hand.

The inspection was commenced with a brief presentation made by the Project Director of MCUDP, Eng. Mrs. A.H. Thushari. Project Director explained the team about behavior of flood in Colombo, scope of proposed subprojects for flood mitigation, implementation schedules and constrains in implementing the subprojects.

The visit encompassed the construction site of new Mutuwel tunnel, St. Sebastian north lock gates and pumping station, Kolonnawa canal diversion scheme, Ambathale storm water pumping station, Madiwela East diversion scheme, drainage at Devi Balika junction, Norris canal and Linear park along Beira lake (western bank) which are progressing for flood minimizing in Colombo.

Directors from ERD and DPMM held elaborate discussions with staff of implementation agencies & PMU on project key areas such as social & environmental safeguard, resettlement, contract management, progress monitoring and, existing constrains of project completion in a stipulated time schedule.

The team stayed in the visit from 8.30am to 6.30 pm on 13th, December 2018.